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Elebike Rome is proud to introduce you to the new way to visit Rome: riding a pedal assist electric bicycle; you will be thrilled traveling around the City in a way that is ecological, absolutely manageable, usable by anyone and in any condition You can rent one of our PEDELEC - PEDal ELEctric Cycles for a fast ride downtown or for a longer tour, either on your own or with one of our guides; enjoying the historical areas and the beauty of the many wonderful parks of Rome - we'll be pleased to help you and your family to see the nicest, and sometimes unusual places to see in Rome Aside from walking, riding a bike is the most “natural” and ecological way of moving, also because most of us have the neurological ability to bike since very early in life. Nevertheless, biking thru the eternal city can be challenging, owing to the many hills that make the geography of Rome so fascinating (they are far more of the proverbial seven on which the ancient city was founded). And here’s where the Pedelecs (PEDal assisted ELECtric Cycles) kicks in: keeping biking natural (and eco-friendly) though eliminating the efforts (and sweating) normally associated with pedaling, has been attained by adopting electric bicycles as the transport means of election for the tours. Electric bicycles also play for better safety in respect to normal bicycles, being they more solid, easier to manage (due to the minimal effort required) and faster in getting out from critical situations - moreover being faster in reaching cruise speed helps smooth integration with cars traffic In short words, thanks to the Pedelec you can reach any place you would get to by walking (including pedestrian areas, monuments and parks), enjoying the pleasure of not being on a car or bus, but far faster than you would do on your feet, getting the most out of the time you’re given. Moreover, electric bicycles have been found extremely fun by youngsters and very easy to manage by seniors.

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28.10.2018 Rottmüller Sehr nette kompetente Führung! Weiterempfehlung
31.07.2018 Jan B. Professionelle und unkomplizierte Abwicklung. Toller Guide, der während der Tour auf alle Fragen individuell eingegangen ist. Weiterempfehlung
12.10.2016 mel.t77 TOP! 7 Stunden und 10 km quer durch Rom.....so schön! Es wäre noch schöner gewesen, wenn die Gassen und Straßen nicht so rappel voll gewesen wären. Die Fahrräder quietschten zwar beim Treten etwas, aber ansonsten war alles super! Der Elektroantrieb machte echt viel Spaß! Zuerst dachten wir, dass 8 Stunden viel zu viel sind, aber ganz im Gegenteil. Wären wir länger in Rom geblieben, hätten wir die Fahrräder einen weiteren Tag ausgeliehen. Bike-Station super gut gelegen. Mitstreiter-keine Angst vor dem Wahnsinnsverkehr-es ging alles super gut! Weiterempfehlung

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